I am a male fine art photographer based in Portugal and shooting mainly on location here.  I do a select number of shoots each year and have self published eight books through blurb.com, which can be ordered from book store at https://www.blurb.com/user/M-Leighton

The books are available in print book or magazine format and e-book.  Each book is dedicated to one model or in one case, two models.  The featured models are:


Terry Davis in A Spirit Free 2

Kim Han Phen in Naked in Paradise

Nico Rye Syuk in Tropical Senses

Nico and Kim in A Quiet Heat

Henry Lim in Embracing the Light

Ash Marquez in The Journey

Miguel Omari in Nothing to Hide


All books except Embracing the Light include full frontal nudity, Embracing the Light includes artistic nudity.


My patreon page includes some images with nude content that I cannot show here.  Subscribers are also supporting my future photography.  https://www.patreon.com/MarkLeightonPhotography


Male models aged 18 -30 who wish to apply for a shoot here in Portugal can get in touch through the contacts section. I have a private apartment that visiting models may stay in.


If you wish to order prints in sizes that are not listed here, or without my logo, please contact me as I will be happy to upload an image to your specification if it is possible.

Thank you for viewing my images.

Mark Leighton